What We Do

Health-Metrics, Inc. Is known throughout the West as the premier provider of quality onsite services to industries who seek to meet Federal and/or State OSHA/MSHA hearing conservation, medical respirator certification, and other health-monitoring requirements.

Our company offers the following services:
Hearing Conservation Program
Health-Metrics can help you establish and maintain your company’s hearing conservation program through data management of your hearing test data generated in-house, mobily through our onsite testing services, or through a local clinic. We are available for consultation, to provide employee training, recommend hearing protection devices, and to offer assistance in obtaining noise surveys at your facility. Available in California, Nevada, and Arizona.
Onsite Hearing Tests
Health-Metrics provides the highest level of mobile, onsite hearing testing. We bring our state-of-the-art computerized microprocessor audiometers in custom-built, sound-treated, mobile test units to your site, offering the ultimate in convenience and quality. Our highly-trained technicians are bilingual and CAOHC certified. A full hearing history and otoscopic (ear) examination is provided for each employee tested as well as immediate on-board analysis and employee feedback. Available throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.
Medical Respirator Certification
Health-Metrics can coordinate obtaining medical respirator certifications through physician review of the mandatory questionnaire and onsite pulmonary function test results. Available throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.
Hearing in Noise Test
We offer the discrimination in noise test mandated by the latest police and fire department regulations. The ‘Hearing in Noise Test’ (HINT) provides a more accurate measure of how a candidate might function on the job in noisy or other difficult listening environments. Available in California.